$GUAVA is the utility token that fuels our ecosystem.

Two basic functions happen during each $GUAVA transaction.

Reward Holders

2% of the transaction is redistributed to all existing token holders.

Automatic LP

3% of the transaction is added to liquidity pools on QuickSwap.
guava 3.0

Community Focused

Our #1 focus is producing amazing utilities and our #2 focus is our community. We made a dope utility token that all Harambe Club NFT holders can earn by staking their Harambe on (STAKING DAPP COMING SOON).Join Our Community »

Automatic LP

Every transaction automatically contributes 3% of the transaction to auto-generating liquidity that goes into pools on Quickswap.View Polygonscan »

Earn for holding

Holders get rewarded through functions in our smart contract. Every transaction automatically distributes 2% of the transaction to all existing token holders. You earn more $GUAVAs just buy holding and not selling.
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Token Distribution

Below is how we distributed 10,000,000 $GUAVA.


8,750,000 (97.22%) were locked in the Token Farm.


500,000 (5.56%) were locked in the Initial Givaway (Rewards Dapp).


500,000 (5.56%) were added to the initial liquidity pool on Quickswap.


62,500 (0.69%) were set aside for our dev team.


62,500 (0.69%) were set aside for giveaways.

Guava Overload

$GUAVA is a key factor in the Harambe Club ecosystem. As our roots grow deep into the metaverses of Web3 the token will get more utilities. Our mission is to build an NFT project that will live on forever and not just be overpriced JPEGs. It`s truly all about utility, community, artwork, and $GUAVA.

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Every OG Harambe farms 5 $GUAVA per day when staked on our staking dapp. This is by far the best reward for farming in the hot sun all day long.

hidden baby harambe


Own and keep 2 OG Harambes in your wallet and spend (Some amount of $GUAVA, we haven’t fully decided yet) to spawn a baby from the nursery. All of your 2D Harambes will be useable in our P2E trading card game.
Stack of cards with a question mark on wooden background

P2E Trading Card Game

You’ll be able to earn $GUAVA playing our NFT card game. It’s going to be inspired by Pokemon and Yugioh. Be alert because more details are coming soon. Check the roadmap on the homepage. 
harambe beta voxel

Metaverse & 3D NFT

We’re building game experiences on The Sandbox that only our NFT holders will be able to access. You’re also going to love the Voxel Harambe collection. They are playable characters in The Sandbox and are compatible in other metaverse that accept .vox files.

Token Info


Max Supply: 10,000,000

Smart Contract:

Coming soon!

Token Farm

Yes, Harambe is a farmer 👨‍🌾

There are only 8,750,000 $GUAVA tokens available to be farmed. Each OG Harambe is capable of farming 5 $GUAVA tokens per day from our Token Farm until all $GUAVA tokens have been farmed.

It works on a first come first get basis.

Once the $GUAVAs are all farmed you’ll need to purchase them on a DEX like Quickswap in order to own some to use in our ecosystem.


$GUAVA is the utility token that fuels the ecosystem. It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.

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Guava Shop

More details coming soon…

Guava 2.0 Logo