Step 1


Pick the network you want to mint on.

Our project is on Ethereum Network and Polygon Network.

What network should you choose?

Ethereum floor price is typically higher than our Polygon floor price but Polygon gas fees are 1000x cheaper. There are no internal differences with our project between Ethereum Network and Polygon Network other than gas fees. Our utilities are built to seamlessly work with both networks our project is on.

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Step 2


Polygon Network

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to do this on a Metamask wallet. Go to:

Ethereum Network

Follow this video covering how to set up an Ethereum wallet:

Shiny Ethereum crypto-currency background

Step 3


After you have selected the network you want to mint on, set up that network on your crypto wallet like Metamask, and then added funds… you are ready to mint.

Price is 0.04 ETH on Ethereum and 65 MATIC on Polygon.

Ethereum Network

Polygon Network

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Common problems


If you have issues minting please try the options below.

Option 1) If you have problems minting switch your Metamask network from Polygon to Ethereum … and then back to Polygon. Or vise versa.

Option 2) Sometimes there are issues with Mobile. It’s best to use a Computer.

Option 3) Use Metamask wallet. Other wallets have issues. Coinbase Wallets do not work.

Option 4) Go to “activity” in your wallet and then speed up the pending transaction.

Option 5) Change from the Safari browser to Brave or Chrome.

Option 6) Do you have enough funds in your wallet to cover the transaction + gas fees? If not add more funds.

Still having issues? Join our discord for assistance.

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