This project is on Polygon and Ethereum networks.

This project is on 2 different networks because Master Harambe prefers the Polygon Network with its super-low gas fees and fast transaction speeds. However, most people prefer the Ethereum network and in order to get Harambe Club to the masses, we chose to also deploy half of the collection to the Ethereum network and the other half to the Polygon network..

Our utilities are built on Polygon so all ETH Harambe Club holders will need to bridge over to Polygon to stake and earn $GUAVA. Instructions on how to bridge is coming soon.

Our focus isn’t the launch. Yes, the launch is important, but our focus is the longevity of this project. We are more focused on building out the utilities and nurturing the community. The goal is to live on forever in metaverses and build an ecosystem with staking, a utility token, breeding, P2E trading card game, and more. Not just pump and dump some jpeg art. 

Harambe Club NFT (Polygon Network) —

ETH Harambe Club (Ethereum Network) —

The Harambe Club NFT project is live on Polygon and we’re dropping our public mint on Ethereum on 1/31/22.

(1) Harambe will be minted at 50 MATIC + gas fees or 0.04 ETH + gas fees.

Only 20 per session on Polygon or 10 per session on Ethereum, you greedy gorillas!

Staking coming soon.
Important: The $GAUVA token is an extension of the Harambe Club ecosystem and even though it is a utility token, it’s only used for fun. It is not an investment and has no economic value.
Breeding coming soon.

ETH Harambe Club:

Matic Harambe Club: