About Harambe Club


Harambe Club is a collection of 10,000 unique and randomly generated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created in early December 2021, priced mostly at .04 ETH by Master Harambe. 5,000 of them are on the Ethereum Network and 5,000 of them are on the Polygon Network. We’re expanding into The Sandbox metaverse, building staking, breeding, a trading card game, and a custom merch shop where you can design your own merch with the Harambe Club NFT you have in your wallet. We plan to spend 10% of all royalties to advertise the brand on Google, Facebook, and other social media in order to bring mass brand awareness to the people of planet earth.

It’s time Harambe takes over the Jungle and lives on in the metaverses. FOMO into this one you dirty gorillas.

Our Troop and their Utility


The OG Harambes, were the first 10,000 of our NFTs to drop. Not only are these the dopest mf’n art profile pics around but they are also the only Harambe Club NFTs to yield $GUAVA daily. Each OG Harambe produces 5 $GUAVA every day until all 1 billion of $GUAVAs have been released to the public. Some of their other exciting utilities are:

  • Breed 2 OG’s to create 1 Hatch (Contains 1 BabyHarambe Mint to be used in the trading card game) by spending $GUAVA 
  • Unlock exclusive channels in Harambe Club Discord server
  • Yield 5 $GUAVA per Day
hidden baby harambe


In order to expand the Harambe Universe, we engineered a futuristic breeding function that lets you ‘hatch’ Baby Harambes by breeding two OG Harambes. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to do this so 300 $GUAVA are required to fuel the breeding madness. Some of their other exciting utilities are:

  • Costs 300 $GUAVA and requires 2 OG Harambes to breed  in order to Mint a Baby Harambe
  • Unlock exclusive channels in Harambe Club Discord server
  • Used in a trading card game inspired by Pokemon and Yugioh
harambe beta voxel


We want Harambe Club NFT to survive FOREVER so we’re expanding into the 3D NFT space! Harambe’s will be in popular online metaverse environments such as The Sandbox and more. The Harambe Club team`s itching urge to take over the metaverse is the reason behind their recent land purchases as well as aggressive plans to buy more LAND in order to have the most badass environments for Harambe Club holders to socialize and interact with friends. Some of their other exciting utilities are:

  • Breed 2 OGs to create 1 Hatch (Contains 1 Harambe Metaverse Avatar) by spending $ETH, $MATIC, or $GUAVA 
  • Unlock exclusive channels in CyberKongz Discord server & metaverse game experiences

Future Direction


The Harambe Club plans to take over the 2D/3D NFT space with unique Social Avatars for your online experiences. In simple terms, you want gaming utilities that are rare and are collectible items. We plan to deliver what you want with avatars, weapons, trading card game and much more. The Sandbox will allow all of us to gather as a community and play games, host events, have concerts, and all the good stuff you can invision in the metaverse.
On December 1st, 2021 — 10,0000 unique and 100% randomly generated Harambe Club NFTs were born in the vicious NFT jungle.. Since that day, Harambe Club has never stopped evolving and thus is forming a very strong community. We plan to expand widely across The Sandbox metaverse and then branch out to other metaverses as our project grows in popularity. Around the time we begin branching out to other metaverses we plan to begin building our trading card game inspired by Pokemon and Yugioh.

December 1st 2021

10,000 OG Harambes are born. There were 500 minted for giveaways and the rest were left for the public.

December 1st 2021

Minting started for Polygon Harambes!

December 2th 2021

We purchased 1 parcel of LAND on The Sandbox.

December 3th 2021

We purchased our 2nd parcel of LAND on The Sandbox.

December 5th 2021

Created social media accounts, discord, and the website. We also started running paid ads on Google, Facebook, and rented email lists. For the next few weeks we hit it hard building our online presence.

December 11th 2021

We had a collaboration with the CryptoCopyCats!

December 30th 2021

We got listed on rarity.tools, rarity snipers, and many more upcoming NFT drop lists!

January 14th 2022

Our first game experience on The Sandbox has been completed!

January 31st 2022

ETH Harambes drop on Ethereum Network!

February 1st 2022

We purchased multiple plots of land on TCG World metaverse near the Bored Apes!

The team

master harambe

Master Harambe

Artist & Computer Programmer

Master Harambe designed the art and deployed it to the blockchain. He will be responsible for future NFT launches and managing the online communities.



With 6 years of extensive marketing experience, DK will bring this project to the masses.


Metaverse Game Designer

Mazz is creating all of our rad metaverse game experiences on The Sandbox. He’s one of the best in his field.

464 for web builder

Wise Gorilla

Website Designer

Wise Gorilla built and maintains the website for all of you dirty gorillas! He also is one of the best in his field.


This project is on Polygon and Ethereum networks.

This project is on 2 different networks because Master Harambe prefers the Polygon Network with its super-low gas fees and fast transaction speeds. However, most people prefer the Ethereum network and in order to get Harambe Club to the masses, we chose to also deploy half of the collection to the Ethereum network and the other half to the Polygon network..

Our utilities are built on Polygon so all ETH Harambe Club holders will need to bridge over to Polygon to stake and earn $GUAVA. Instructions coming soon after the ETH drop date on 1/31/22.

Staking coming soon.
Important: The $GAUVA token is an extension of the Harambe Club ecosystem and even though it is a utility token, it’s only used for fun. It is not an investment and has no economic value.
Breeding coming soon.

ETH Harambe Club: https://etherscan.io/token/0x3c512ac5cb946de13d7db53782fff1e9aacd44f

Matic Harambe Club: https://polygonscan.com/token/0x5c1afcff0a3f4ca32d7a284ed4641e47825c88c6

$GUAVA: https://polygonscan.com/token/0x3A5925749db764590F49472887D45360dddcA20f