The OG Harambes are the first 10,000 NFTs to drop from our collection. These are the coolest profile pictures and they are the only Harambes to yield $GAUVA daily. Each OG Harambe produces 5 $GUAVA every day.


hidden baby harambe

In order to expand Harambe Club, we engineered a futuristic breeding function that lets you ‘nurse’ Baby Harambes by breeding two OG Harambes. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to do this so (Some amount of $GUAVA, not decided yet) are required to fuel the breeding madness.

Voxel Harambe

voxel harambe

We want Harambe Club NFT to survive FOREVER so we’re expanding into the 3d NFT space! Harambe’s will be in popular online metaverse environments such as The Sandbox and more.

The Project

Ever wanted 10,000 friends? Well, you’re in for a treat because you’re about to get your golden ticket to the sickest club on Web3. It’ll give you exclusive access to future NFT launches, premium gaming experience on The Sandbox and TCG World, staking, breeding, and more. Master Harambe designed some of the coolest NFT art so you can have an avatar you actually like that has some dope utilities.

Do this, click that mint button and grab your sick new Harambe Club NFT!

The Sandbox Collab

We spent 11 ETH ($45,000) on LAND on The Sandbox. If you hold a Harambe Club NFT you will get exclusive access to these badass game experiences on this metaverse. We plan on taking 50% of all revenue to purchase more land on The Sandbox to make Harambe Club game experiences way bigger. In this case, bigger is always better.

TCG World Collab

We want our project to really benefit our holders so we invested 29 BNB ($11,500) into land on TCG World. Everyone who holds a Harambe Club NFT in their wallet will get exclusive access to our clubs and game experiences on this metaverse.

Gameplay Video

Below is the gameplay of our first game!

Available now to mint


Once we complete the roadmap below we will continue to add more utilities. Under promise. Over deliver.

Phase 1

✅ Design 10k dope NFTs

✅ Host the art collection on IPFS and store them as ERC-721 tokens by deploying half of them to the Polygon Network and the other half to the Ehtereum Network

✅ Mint 500 of our Harambe Club NFTs for giveaways and community building

✅ Create and set up Discord, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook

✅ Launch minting dapps

✅ Purchase 2 parcels of LAND on The Sandbox for our future game experience on their metaverse

Phase 2

✅ Launch website

✅ Get listed on rarity toolsupcoming projects on 1/31/22

✅ Begin building community through giveaways, collabs, and good old fashion advertising

✅ Acquire 2 more parcels of LAND on The Sandbox (we have 4 LANDs now)

✅ Build (1 of 4) metaverse game experiences on The Sandbox 

⭕️ Build staking dapp so Harambe Club NFT holders earn $GUAVA rewards to use at our Guava Shop

⭕️ Sell all 10k of Harambe Club NFT collection

Phase 3

⭕️ Purchase an estate on The Sandbox metaverse to expand the Harambe Club NFT game empire

⭕️ Build 3 more game experiences on The Sandbox

⭕️ Create a giant social hub experience in our estate on The Sandbox

⭕️ Create playable Harambe Avatars for The Sandbox that can be redeemed with the $GUAVA you earn from staking

⭕️ Build merch store for all Harambe Club NFT holders

⭕️ Aggressively scale the secondary market floor price to 1 ETH and higher by investing 10% of all royalties into advertising!

⭕️ Expand our project into multiple popular metaverses

⭕️ Create trading card game inspired by Yugioh and Pokemon

⭕️ Build breeding feature similar to CyberKongz that integrates with our trading card game

Metaverse Avatars

Get a 3d Harambe and explore The Sandbox metaverse. We’re working on other popular metaverse integrations as well.

Full Commercial Rights

You own all commercial rights to your Harambe, be it a 3d avatar or 2d image.

Advanced Tokenomics

All parts of our ecosystem work together to benefit all owners.

The team

master harambe

Master Harambe

Artist & Computer Programmer

Master Harambe designed the art and deployed it to the blockchain. He will be responsible for future NFT launches and managing the online communities.



With 6 years of extensive marketing experience, DK will bring this project to the masses.


Metaverse Game Designer

Mazz is creating all of our rad metaverse game experiences on The Sandbox. He’s one of the best in his field.

464 for web builder

Wise Gorilla

Website Designer

Wise Gorilla built and maintains the website for all of you dirty gorillas! He also is one of the best in his field.

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